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Webb is the first vendor in Storyshift. He is a spider monster who runs the spider bake sale in Old Home.



Webb is a small spider monster.


As shown next to the Alphys fight and in his own shop dialogue he has a cordial personality (fitting for a shopkeep), with a touch of seriousness and dry humor.

Main Story

Webb is encountered in the Spider Bake Sale room where Alphys is seen deciding what to buy from his store. He tries to deter her from initiating battle in front of his stand when she notices Frisk, only to be dragged into the fight. Having been convinced by Alphys, he attacks alongside her but stops shortly after.

After Webb and Alphys are spared, Webb invites Frisk to buy from him. Frisk may choose to talk to him about the bake sale, money, monsters, Papyrus, Alphys and the Solar Warriors.

After Papyrus' fight, Frisk may choose to backtrack and talk to Webb once again where Frisk can ask about his business, other spiders, Justine, Alice (if Frisk had talked to the Astigmatism before) and the Solar Warriors once more.



  • Curiously, the official write-up refers to Webb as the "Bake Sale Spider". His name is revealed in the Ask Blog [1].
  • He works in Old Home for help the spiders residing in The Furnace [2].