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Old Home is the first major location of Storyshift.

Main Story

Storyshift begins with Frisk waking up on a bed of golden flowers in a cavernous area. Following their encounter with Boogie and subsequent rescue by Prince Papyrus, they are led into the entrance of Old Home itself.



Initially, Old Home is presented as having reddish bricks, as well as faded vines and leaves. However, further into Old Home, the color scheme progressively fades to purple instead of red. [1] Each area splits into two paths, with a warrior's path and a puzzler's path--one with more enemies than puzzles, and vice versa.

The Beginning - Independence

The beginning of Old Home.

The very beginning of Old Home is a cavernous area, the only noteworthy features being the bed of golden flowers that Frisk awakens on, the archway leading to the next room, and the patch of grass where Boogie is encountered.

Independence - Cheese

While Frisk travels the Old Home them will found puzzles of different types to solve if them choose to go through the Puzzler's Path but if them choose to go through the Warrior's Path them will have to face the inhabitants Enemies from Old Home. The appearance that can be observed while walking is strong red in the walls and soft red in the floor.

Cheese - Papyrus's Home

After a long journey, the appearance of the old home changes to an purple-red color. During the travel it's found the Bake Sale Spider shop, the hallway of the Froggits , several puzzle rooms until the path that separates the entrance to Home's Heart and Dreemurr Home.

Papyrus's Home

Almost near the end you can find the Home's Heart a city with the same purple of the base game, where ahead is there the Papyrus' Home but the way to find the way out is through the Dreemurr Home for reach the Frosted Fields.



  • Prior to the release of the reboot's first and only comic part, a preview of Old Home was showcased on the official Storyshift Tumblr. Since then, however, it has been tweaked into its current iteration used in the comic and write-up. [2]