Mettacrit is Napstablook's cousin and takes the role of Chara. He has yet to properly appear outside of a statue shown in the Hotel. He is not a robot nor human and is instead are a ghost, similar to Napstablook.


As stated prior, he has yet to appear in the comics proper. However it can be assumed from his backstory that he has an altruistic side and a drive to support humans.


He disagreed with the other monsters' choice to take revenge on the humans when they were trapped in the Ruins and instead spoke out passionately to them.

Over time, he won over the other monsters on the idea of kind humans. The king and prince praised him for bringing an age of peace. The underground was then full of hope.

One day, Kindness, the first of the fallen humans, fell down into the underground. Bearing the Kindness soul, she treated everyone with care and concern, asking how she could help them. It did not take long for the underground to adore her.

Mettacrit soon concocted a plan to win over humanity as he had the other monsters. He took Kindness' soul and crossed the barrier, hoping his plan would work. The rest of the underground eventually noticed that the two had gone missing. Without their shining stars, the underground was sent into chaos. The monsters, along with Napstablook, attempted to search for them. Eventually, they found out about Mettacrit's plan to win over humanity.

The humans were not welcoming to Mettacrit and attacked him. His injuries were too great for him to bear. He tumbled through the barrier onto the floor and crumbled to dust within seconds of landing.

These chain of events caused the underground to lose hope. Napstablook eventually lost hope too and crumbled away. The king declared war, beginning the collection for human souls to break the barrier.


  • A memorial of both Napstablook and Mettiacrit can be found in the lobby of the Ultimate Resort.

    The memorial of the ghost cousins.


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