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Trapped behind the barrier and bitter at our situation, we dug into the mountain.

We dug to find water, we dug to grow food, we dug to forget the pain.

Far away from the source of our troubles. We no longer had a king, just some fool who let us lose.

Eventually, we dug into a great opening which in time would become the first city, Home’s Heart.

— A book found in Dreemurr Home

Home's Heart is the first city of monsters in the Underground after the war ended and monsters were trapped behind the barrier. Home's Heart was later abandoned when monsters moved into New Hope. Home's Heart can be found on the way that divides the entrance to Dreemurr Home and Home's Heart.

The Ballet Shoes can be found in this location.

Throughout the city are several monsters that Frisk can talk to/listen in on a conversation. The monsters are a Froggit, Whimsalot + Loox pair, a Migosp (Who is blocking a pathway out to Frosted Fields), a Vegetoid, a Migospel, a Parsnik, an Astigmatism + Whimsun pair, and a Final Froggit. After from the fight of Prince Papyrus you can enter inside from the houses where you can talk with a Whimsalot, a Whimsun , a Moldsmol , a Moldessa , a Astigmatism , a Loox , a Vegetoid , a Parsnik and a Migospel .

The conversation with the inhabitants that stand out the most are with the Quiz Giving Froggit and the Promised Quizzer Final Froggit about Alice and Justine.

Additionally there’s a shrine like structure with a Mettacrit statue on top of it.