• Coffins containing the fallen humans' bodies
  • Mira, Kindness SOUL
  • Justine, Justice SOUL
  • Nanna, Bravery SOUL
  • Tracy, Perseverance SOUL
  • Alice, Curiosity SOUL
  • Skyler, Patience SOUL
  • Ethan, Integrity SOUL

The Fallen Humans are the humans who fell into the Underground before Frisk and Chara.

Main Story

Mira, SOUL of Kindness, fell into the Underground. She asked only how she could help the monsters, becoming adored by monster kind.[1]

One day, Mettacrit took her SOUL and crossed the barrier, hoping to win over humanity. The humans he met fatally wounded him.

He tumbled through the barrier onto the floor. After his death, his cousin Napstablook crumbled away; Prince Papyrus left to take care of the funeral, while King Sans was left alone to the Underground's demands for war; he eventually relented and declared war with weary eyes.

Six other humans later fell into the Underground and died, Sans collected their SOULs and encoffined their bodies in New Home's basement. Later, a human named Chara fell down, but before Sans took their SOUL, Toriel asked him to not kill them due to her strong resistance to his plans and took them in as part of her family.[2]

Frisk is the ninth human to fall, and their SOUL is the last needed to break the barrier.

List of human SOULs

The following is a list of SOUL colors and the details associated with them.

Color Trait Name Items
Green Kindness Mira[3] Burnt Pan and Stained Apron, lost beyond the Barrier
Yellow Justice Justine[3] Empty Gun and Cowboy Hat, bought in Waterfall
Orange Bravery Nanna[3] Tough Glove and Manly Bandanna, found in Hotland
Purple Perseverance Tracy[3] Torn Notebook and Cloudy Glasses, found in Waterfall
Violet Curiosity Alice[3] Croquet Mallet and Bowed Band, bought in Hotland
Aqua Patience Skyler[3] Toy Knife and Faded Ribbon, bought in Snowdin
Blue Integrity Ethan[3] Ballet Shoes and Old Tutu, found in the Ruins


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