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The Fallen Humans are the humans who fell into the Underground.

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List of Humans

Name Gender SOUL Trait Items SOUL Combat Additional Information
Ethan Male Integrity Old Tutu and Ballet Shoes found in Old Home. TBA TBA
Alice Female Curiosity Bowed Band and Croquet Mallet TBA Brief adopted daughter of Prince Papyrus.

Infamous throughout Old Home for killing monsters.

Skyler Male Patience Toy Knife and Faded Ribbon TBA TBA
Nanna Female Bravery Tough Glove and Manly Bandanna TBA TBA
Tracy Female Perseverance Torn Notebook and Cloudy Glasses TBA TBA
Justine Female Justice Empty Gun and Cowboy Hat TBA Adopted daughter of Prince Papyrus.

Died at the hands of the Solar Warriors at the throne room.

Frisk Unknown Unspecified Stick and Bandage started with. Normal Mode: Free SOUL movement. Sprouts legs when fleeing battle. Main protagonist of Storyshift. Mostly quiet, talks to friends.
Chara Unknown Unspecified TBA TBA TBA
Mira Female Kindness Burnt Pan and Stained Apron TBA TBA


Justine with her adopted father, Prince Papyrus.


  • The fallen humans will offer a much more significant role in Storyshift than they had in Undertale--seen through their original names and designs, relationships with characters, and impact on the overall plot itself.
    • Justine, who was adopted by Prince Papyrus, left a good impact on Old Home through her code of justice.
    • Alice, also adopted by Prince Papyrus, left a bad impact by murdering an unknown number of monsters.
  • As Frisk comes across the items of each of the deceased fallen humans, they appear to have a glimpse of those humans' thoughts from when they were still alive.
    • The first instance is Ethan, who took dance lessons on the surface. He felt left out and disrespected by the other students.
    • The second instance is Skyler, who was worried about dirtying his grandfather's gift.
  • While not all humans have been introduced in the reboot write-up, Voltra has confirmed that the names, SOUL traits, and items of the preboot fallen humans will remain the same.[1]