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The Dummy is a training dummy encountered in Old Home. It serves as the tutorial battle.



The Dummy's appearance is that of most dummies: structured with a head, body, stand and no arms.It is implied to have a cloth-like material composing it and he has a scarf that covers most of his forehead.


The Dummy's personality is a shy sort, but if help the Dummy ACTing and choosing Fix Up will show a more lively personality.

Main Story

Prince Papyrus sets up a tutorial encounter with the Dummy to teach the protagonist the basics of combat. Prince Papyrus´s comment after the encounter and the Mad Dummy's dialogue vary depending on what the protagonist does to the Dummy.

  • If Frisk attacks the Dummy, Prince Papyrus admonishes them.
  • If Frisk attempt to FIGHT the Dummy but instead misses the dummy will fall of panic, Prince Papyrus gets uncomfortable and admonishes them.
  • If Frisk help the dummy ACTing and choosing Fix Up their scarf is in a much more manageable and good position, Prince Papyrus will be proud of what you've done.