Welcome to the Dreemurr House: Snowdin Edition.
Please, make yourself cozy.
— Asriel during his date

Chara and Asriel's House is the house that the Dreemurr family lived in before Toriel and Asgore left to join the Royal Guard and to become a scientist, respectively. Currently, only Chara and Asriel live in the house.

The exterior is identical to Papyrus and Sans's house's in canon, including its Christmas decorations and the two mailboxes, one full and one empty; the ownership of those mailboxes is unknown.

After the date with Toriel, she can be seen in front of this house with Asriel.

First Floor

  • The first and second floors of the house
  • The kitchen

The first floor has a living room and a kitchen.

The living room has a pot of two golden flowers, a gift from Asgore; a couch; a monster encyclopedia with statistics, bullet patterns, and favorite foods highlighted in yellow; a television set to ULTIMATE UNDYNE; and a water sausage in a vase.

The kitchen has a trash can, a fridge filled with sweets and a few fruits, and a sink.

Second Floor

The second floor has a family portrait of when the Dreemurrs first came to Snowdin, and doors to Chara and Asriel's room, which has vines under the door and a violet pot beside it, and a nameplate on the handle, respectively.

Asriel's Room

Storyshift Asriel's Room

Asriel's room.

Asriel's Room has a big flowerpot also from Asgore, a bed with a star-patterned sheet, a computer, three dolls (one is named Commander Snuffles), a prism, a map of the stars on the surface, a bookcase, and a closet.

Chara's Room

Chara's Room is unlocked in a no EXP earned Neutral Route by listening to Chara in the Last Corridor explain how they see the protagonist's statistics, including the name "Shifty," EXP, and LOVE, then reloading the SAVE file. Chara will notice the protagonist has already heard their spiel and think they're scared of Chara hurting them, after two more loads, Chara figures they want something from them and throws the key to their room on the protagonist's face, wondering how they were so hard to ask, which they attach to their phone.


Chara's room.

Chara's room has a lamp taken over by vines with a black knife with a red ivy design, the vines cling harder when the protagonist tries to take it, implying Chara's control; a fridge filled with seed packets with a freezer full of chocolate bars; a bed of Golden Flowers; a dresser with Golden Flowers growing out of it with a copper key under some seeds and a full watering can with a pair of violet and buttercup seed packets.



Basement of Chara and Asriel's House

The Basement is behind the house and opened with the Copper Key in Chara's room, it has four drawers, containing a faded photo with Chara, two twins and what may be other people in the back; a notepad with the statistics screen's layout hastily scribbled on it; a map with plans for a stargazing trip; and a sewing pattern for a very large sweater under a chocolate pie recipe, respectively. The end of the room has a doodle of a lizard and what looks like something that used to be human.