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Quite a pushy human, aren't you.

— Chara to Frisk

Chara is the fifth major character encountered in Storyshift.



Chara is a human child clad in a worn pink shirt with patches sewn in, a brown jacket, faded dark blue pants with a single large patch, and dark brown shoes. They have unkempt medium-length brown hair with short bangs. They also have naturally rosy cheeks and brown eyes.


Jaded and cynical with a deep hatred for humanity, Chara shows a downbeat and world-weary demeanor. They act as a voice of reason within the duo, reigning in Asriel's more impulsive tendencies. Despite their cold exterior, they demonstrate a capacity for compassion and empathy, showing sympathy towards Dogamy's situation and setting aside time to play with Lesser Dog.

Though they initially resent Frisk due to their aforementioned misanthropy,[1] Chara gradually warms up to them as Frisk continues to defy their expectations.[2]

Main Story

In light of Frisk's arrival, Chara and Asriel are sent by Captain Toriel to escort the human through to Wetland. The duo is first encountered at the start of Frosted Fields, hiding inside a tree whilst speaking to Asriel. Upon seeing the human, Asriel panics and attempts to climb inside the tree, only for Chara to push them out into the snow. When Frisk examines the tree, Chara steps out and helps Asriel to his feet. They inform Frisk of their intentions before urging them to follow.

Chara is next encountered alone in a room with a river and a SAVE point. When spoken to, Chara states that they won't stop Frisk from using the SAVE point, having no more use for it.[3]

Later, they and Asriel bring Dogamy with the purpose of testing the skills of Frisk, after that fight they and Asriel make Frisk choose one of them as guide.




  1. "Well done. You decided to not kick a dog when he was down. ...what, did you assume you would receive some genuine praise for the bare minimum? Do not misunderstand. This is a chore done out of obligation. You have plenty of time to make this place your enemy still. Keep what you consider your best behavior up and perhaps this can work after all. If you want to leave, don’t let the mask slip. We will know."
  2. "...perhaps I was too quick to judge. You’ve had plenty of chances to do even anything callous and yet. Nothing."
  3. "...go on. I won’t stop you from using that thing. It’s not like I have any use for it anymore.