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"No point learning about people when you could be surviving." ― Boogie[source]

Boogie is the first major character encountered in Storyshift.



Boogie appears as a faded golden flower with drooping petals.

When showing their sinister side, their eyes grow wide. When feeling particularly extreme, the sclera and pupils invert in color and the eyes grow wider to an uncomfortable degree.


Initially, Boogie is presented as being fairly apathetic during their encounter with Frisk, not expressing much emotion and acting very straight to the point. However, after Frisk attempts to flee their tutorial battle, Boogie takes on a more sinister personality--destroying the battle buttons to keep them from running away.

Main Story

Boogie is encountered at the very beginning of Old Home, introducing themself to Frisk and offering to teach them how to survive in the Underground.

They accept, and so Boogie gives them a tutorial on how the battle system works--explaining the SOUL and movement mechanics, as well as each of the different options Frisk has at their disposal. Once Frisk has finished exploring these options, however, they attempt to flee the battle.

Boogie refuses to let them leave, and destroys the battle buttons after repeated attempts from Frisk to flee, stating, "It'll be just you and me." After this, Boogie is promptly trapped in a bone cage by Prince Papyrus.



  • Every human who has fallen into the Underground that Papyrus is aware of has fought with them [1].
  • They don't like to talk about their past [2].
  • They don't have interest about hurting anyone[3].