Howdy! I am Dr. ASGORE DREEMURR, Royal Scientist of the Underground.
— Asgore introducing himself

Dr. Asgore is the Royal Scientist working for King Sans. He takes the role of Alphys.

Much like Alphys, he made the mistake of "creating" the amalgamates. However, unlike her, he decided to send them back to their families assumingly immediately instead of waiting. Years later, Asgore helped a monster, Undyne, who had injured herself trying to lift up the CORE and turned her into a cyborg. He trained her and she became a dangerous, famous, robotic, spear throwing monster that others watch and adore on Television.



Asgore is a white-furred anthropromorphic nubian goat boss monster with broad shoulders, a blonde mane held back in a short ponytail, a beard, and two large horns. He wears small glasses, a mustard yellow shirt covered by a large lab coat and purple pants.


  • Out of all of Asgore's overworld sprites, not once did he face forwards.


  1. "(The wardrobe is full of lab coats and various sweaters.) (One has "Mr. Dad Guy" on it.)" - flavor text in the lab at Hotland.

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