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"N-no, I have to take your s-soul!" ― Alphys[source]

Alphys is the third major character encountered in Storyshift. She is a female, reptilian monster who sympathizes with the Solar Warriors.



Alphys is a short, yellow, reptilian monster wearing a self-made rebel uniform and glasses.


Timid, anxious, and very indecisive, Alphys clearly suffers from self-confidence issues. Despite this, however, she is capable of putting on a confident persona in order to do what she feels is right. This only extends to a certain point, as if she feels what she is doing is no longer right, she regrets her decisions and apologizes.

Main Story

Alphys is first encountered trying to decide what to buy from the spider bake sale in Old Home. Upon realizing that Frisk is a human, she attacks them with various electricity-based attacks, determined to take their SOUL. She briefly convinces Webb to help her, adding web attacks to the mix, before he apologizes to Frisk and ceases attacking. Once Frisk shows Alphys kindness in a variety of different ways, Alphys is successfully pacified. She apologizes to the two for wasting their time, and runs off.

While talking to the Webb, he explains how Alphys regularly visits the bake sale and brings news of everything outside of Old Home, though eventually became a sympathizer for the rebels that hunt down humans against the king's wishes.